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Where I've Been Lately

Where I've Been Lately

Hello, after a long delay between posts, and apologies for the extended radio silence!

This summer, I started working to post more frequently and more regularly. It was a nice idea, but you know what they say about "best-laid plans." That ended up applying here, because two big things got in the way.

First: I left my job in August. I've been planning on making a career change for a long time now, looking to leave public relations and move to the other side of the table, writing, reporting instead and creating content instead.

I was planning to wait a little while before making the jump, but this summer, I got the opportunity to start freelancing fulltime, instead of just on the side like I had been.

Since then, I've mostly been writing broadly about travel, travel "hacking" and personal finance (and also everyday lifestyle), including points and miles articles, travel service guides, news pieces and product reviews. Take a look at the end of this article for links to a few pieces I've written over the past few months.

As for the second thing that got in the way of blogging: I got married in October! My fiancée (I mean, wife) and I were engaged for nearly two years and have been planning the wedding for almost the whole time.

As it turns out, you can have all the time in the world to wedding plan and things will still be hectic for the last month or two leading up to it. Combine that with the career change, and things have been incredibly busy since this summer.

We left for our honeymoon right after the wedding, spending about two-and-a-half weeks in Japan (Tokyo and Kyoto) and Hawaii (Maui). It was an incredible trip, and (staying on-brand here), we flew in some fantastic first- and business-class products — all on points. I'm looking forward to reviewing flights and hotels, writing about the places and publishing some photos from the trip. Keep an eye on the blog, but in the meantime, here's a preview:

Kyoto was beautiful, even in the rain (and it rained a lot).

Freelancing fulltime was great, especially as wedding planning ramped up, but I'm incredibly excited to share that I'll be joining Business Insider in December as the new Insider Picks personal finance reporter!  I'm also looking forward to writing about travel, as well and other stuff here and there, but my main role will be reporting on credit card rewards (and frequent flyer miles), travel perks and some of the best products, services, methods, and more to manage your finances and get rewarded.

While things are going to stay busy, I'm looking forward to getting back into a routine of publishing posts on here regularly. I can't promise they'll be weekly (though I'd love to make that happen eventually), but they'll be more frequent than they have been the past few months. The best way to stay on top of new posts is to subscribe to my e-mail list (below) and follow The City Miler on Twitter and Instagram.

As always, thanks for reading, following and supporting. Take a look below for an idea of what I've been working on for the past few months, and keep an eye on Business Insider when I get started next month!

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