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Where I've Been Lately

Hello, after a long delay between posts, and apologies for the extended radio silence!This summer, I started working to post more frequently and more regularly. It was a nice idea, but you know what they say about "best-laid plans." That ended up applying here, because two big things got in the way.


How to Earn Bonus Points and Miles (Besides Credit Card Signups)

The fastest way to earn points and miles (unless you fly international first class twice a week) is to collect credit card signup bonuses. But there are plenty of other ways to get extra points, besides your normal everyday spending. In my latest article for Business Insider, I laid out a few of the best ways to rack up the miles. From dining rewards programs to simple online shopping portals, there are some great, rewarding programs to help you on your way to your next travel goal.

Flying Trans-Atlantic for Cheap on Norwegian's 787

When I went to London this winter, I chose to fly the first leg in business class (booked with miles) and jumped on a super-cheap economy flight back with Norwegian Air Shuttle (you can read about how I booked the flights here). I’ve flown on RyanAir, EasyJet, WizzAir, etc. before, but this was my first time on one of the trans-Atlantic low-cost carriers (LCCs) and I was interested in seeing how it compared to a mainstream airline.

Welcome New Readers!

My goal with this blog isn't to push credit cards application links, or sell an aspirational lifestyle that no one really lives, or to fly under the radar violating banks' terms and conditions for extra points. What I want to do is show my readers that the points and miles game is accessible even to casual players, even if you don't fly weekly or plan to open 15 credit cards in a year. . .

How to Use Your Chase Points

When Chase launched their Sapphire Reserve credit card last year, a tremendous number of people applied, tempted by the 100,000 point bonus offer, plus hype in the blogosphere and news media. I’ve spoken with a few friends about Chase points and figure that it might be helpful to write a post. . .