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Business insider

The Best Ways to Earn More Credit Card Points
By David Slotnick
If you signed up for a new credit card recently — like the Chase Sapphire Reserve or Citi AAdvantage Platinum MasterCard — chances are you got a big sign-up bonus of rewards points or miles. After you’ve earned the sign-up bonus, how can you keep earning extra points on top of your regular spending? Fortunately, there are a few easy tricks to help you on your way to that dream vacation or anything else you're saving points for. Read more. . .



The Simple Dollar

8 Expert Travel Hacking Tips for 2017
“By signing up for a new credit card with a hefty welcome bonus and just doing your normal, everyday spending, you can accrue points or miles towards free flights (plus taxes or fees, generally low) or hotel rooms,” explains David Slotnick of The City Miler. Read more. . .

Business insider

The Best Credit Card Rewards and Bonuses
By David Slotnick
Last summer’s launch of the Sapphire Reserve credit card by J.P. Morgan Chase stirred up a frenzy usually reserved for the newest iPhone. Millennials and Gen X-ers jumped into the once-obscure world of credit card rewards and bonuses, drawn by Chase’s introductory offer of 100,000 bonus points if you spent $4,000 in your first three months of card membership.

Now that the big bonus is gone and many of the points likely spent, what’s the next move for someone seeking to boost their stock of credit card points and frequent flyer miles? Here are some of the top credit card sign-up bonuses still available. Read more. . .


Experts Confess Their Travel-Rewards mistakes
“Because of my tunnel-vision, no pun intended, I was too focused on using up the miles and saving some money on my train ride." Read more. . .

Million Mile Secrets

“I Had No Idea How Accessible Miles & Points Were for People Who Only Fly a Couple Times a Year”
David writes The City Miler to help family, friends, and readers understand how they can fly around the world using miles.  He shares his travels, as well as writing about bits of New York City life.  Check him out on Instagram and Twitter! Read more. . .